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Omega.MSSQL and Cloud Storage Studio/e Product Are Discontinued

UPDATE: Cloud Storage Studio has been replaced by Azure Management Studio. Today we discontinued our Omega.MSSQL and Cloud Storage Studio/e products. Main reasons for discontinuation of these products were: One, these products were not updated in a long-long time and Two, our focus has changed from building browser based applications to building desktop based applications.…

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Cerebrata Windows Azure Storage Analytics Configuration Utility – a Free Utility to Configure Windows Azure Storage Analytics

UPDATE: This functionality has been rolled into Azure Management Studio Recently Windows Azure team announced the availability of Storage Analytics ( which will allow users to get granular information about the storage utilization. First step for doing this would be to enable and configure storage analytics parameters using which you can instruct Windows Azure Storage…

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Scale Your Windows Azure Instances With Azure Management Cmdlets

Today (17th May 2011), we released a new version of Azure Management Cmdlets (2011.05.14.00). This release included 3 new cmdlets for managing deployments of your hosted services. To read more about this release please visit: One of the cmdlet we introduced in this release is ”Set-RoleInstanceCount”. Till now to scale up or down, you…

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