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Accessing your geo-redundant endpoint

“Defcon zero. An entire Azure data center has been wiped out, billions of files have been lost.” But not to worry, Azure will just fail over to another data center right? It’s automatic and totally invisible. Well, not entirely. A failover doesn’t happen instantly so there’ll certainly be some downtime. There may also be more…

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Drag and drop improvements – Azure Management Studio 1.4

We’ve now added better support for drag and drop in the latest version of Azure Management Studio (AMS). In this version you can drag block blobs both into and out of the AMS folder views. So, for example, in the pictures below I drag a single selected file across AMS onto the desktop. When you…

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New! Azure Management Studio 1.4 – geo-redundancy, improved drag and drop, and more

Today we’ve released version 1.4 of Azure Management Studio. We’ve added many highly requested new features to this release, including improvements to the drag and drop functionality, and support for accessing files from the secondary of a geo-redundant storage account. This release also includes many other features to make users lives easier, such improvements to…

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