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Download Table Data in Cloud Storage Studio V0.6

This version of Cloud Storage Studio supports a new feature of downloading table data on your computer. The table data is stored in XML format (ATOM). There are three ways to download a table: 1)      Choose the download option from

Cloud Storage Studio V0.6 Is Now Available in Public Beta

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new version in public beta. This is probably the last version in public beta. We are planning to go live with Cloud Storage Studio around PDC time frame (hopefully before PDC).

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Comparing Windows Azure Storage Management Tools

As a part of our preparation for the public beta release of Cloud Storage Studio (, we did a comparison analysis of some of the tools available in the market which allow you to manage your Azure storage. We focused

Cloud Storage Studio Is Now Available in Public Beta

UPDATE: Cloud Storage Studio is now replaced by Azure Management Studio. We are pleased to announce that Cloud Storage Studio is now available in public beta. To download/install Cloud Storage Studio, please click on the link below: This had

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