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Cloud Storage Studio V0.4 Is Now Available

Today we made a new version of Cloud Storage Studio available for private beta. In this version we have focused mainly on the user experience improvements based on the feedback we have received for the last 3 versions. Essentially we

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Creating Northwind Database in SQL Azure Using Installation Script and Sqlcmd

As we were trying to customize our Omega.MSSQL product to manage SQL Azure database (, we wanted to test against a database hosted in SQL Azure. At first we tried to upload AdventureWorks database however that didn’t work because SQL

Browser Based SQL Azure Database Explorer

Update: 4th September 2011 Please note that our Omega.MSSQL product which provided a browser based interface for managing SQL Server databases and SQL Azure databases has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience caused because of this. If you wish

Azure Development Storage vs Azure Cloud Storage

Feature Comparison between Azure Development Storage (based on July CTP) and Azure Cloud Storage Feature Development Storage Azure Storage Connect to Accounts at a time Single Fixed Account. Multiple Accounts.   Protocol Supports only Http. Supports Http and Https.  

A New Release of Cloud Storage Studio (V0.3) Is Now Available

We are pleased to make another release for Cloud Storage Studio. What’s new in this release: Filter by PartitionKey: In the current version of the application, when you bring entities for a table it will try and bring all entities

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